Monthly Pricing - No Contracts

We realize that no two yards are the same and that each individual's needs are different so we recommend that you call us or fill out a contact form to receive a free estimate for your service. We do have standards for our pricing and offer a basic price sheet so you can have some idea of what you can expect to pay.

Prices listed are for standard size lots with standard size landscaping beds and no fences.
Basic Lawn Care Package:
Lawns will be mowed to the height standard for the turf variety and season. Lawns will be mowed more frequently during the season and based on need during rainy or dry periods. This package includes the mowing, trimming, edging and blowing off all areas surrounding your home.

Lot Size                    Monthly Fee
Zero lot                            $55
1/4 acre                            $70
1/3 acre                            $85
1/2 acre                            $100
3/4 acre                            $130
1 acre                                 $185

Deluxe Lawn Care Package:
This package includes the mowing, trimming, edging and blowing off all areas surrounding your home.  This package will also include the weeding of all landscape beds and the pruning/trimming of all shrubs below 6'.  Shrubs will be pruned to maintain the health and natural form of the plant and to maintain growth within the space limitations of the beds.  This excludes pruning due to storm damage or overgrowth. Weed control will keep beds reasonably free of broadleaf and grassy weeds. Any weeds over 1" will be pulled during your 1st service.

Lot Size                    Monthly Fee
Zero lot                    $65 & up
1/4 acre                    $80 & up
1/3 acre                    $95 & up
1/2 acre                    $115 & up
3/4 acre                    $145 & up
1 acre                        $200 & up

One-time Services requiring an Estimate: 
Tree Trimming, Landscape Design and Installation, Mulch/Rocks, Landscape or Lawn Cleanup, Irrigation Repair or Installation, Pressure Cleaning.

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