Brevard Landscaping is your source for great Service!
Your property is in good hands and we treat it like our own.  You will never have to do anything but enjoy your home and your family. We guarantee to always leave your yard looking beautiful!
Lawn Care:
Your lawn will look pristine all year!  Lawns will be mowed to the height standard for the turf variety and season. Lawns will be mowed more frequently during the season and based on need during rainy or dry periods.  This service includes mowing, trimming, edging and blowing off all areas surrounding the home.  The grass will be edged and trimmed along all beds, sidewalks, driveways, patios.

Shrubs below 6' will be pruned to maintain the health and natural form of the plant and to maintain growth within the space limitations of the beds. This excludes pruning due to storm damage or overgrowth.

Weed Control:
This includes weeding of all landscape beds. Weed control will keep beds reasonably free of broadleaf and grassy weeds. Any weeds over 1" will be pulled during your 1st service.

Mulch or Rocks:
We will install mulch or decorative rocks of your choice.  We offer Free Estimates and a quick turn around on installation.

We offer granular lawn fertilization and weed control services 4 times per year. We also provide shrub and palm fertilization.  You can add it to your service at a discount or we also offer it upon request.  Help us keep your lawn beautiful!


Landscape Design and Installation:
Want to improve the look of your home, add to your landscaping, change a little, change a lot? We can help!  We can offer a basic 1-dimensional design for smaller jobs and 3-D designs for larger jobs at your request.  We can help you choose the right materials and elements based on your budget and your preferences.  We prefer not install plants or trees that we feel will not thrive in our climate or that require high maintenance.

Lawn or Landscape Cleanup:
Yard out of Control? Don't want to deal with it but tired of looking at it?  Just call us.

Very important element of a beautiful yard!  We offer free inspections any time we are on your property.  We offer repair service and even keep a small supply of sprinklers and accessories on our truck for emergencies or quick fixes. Don't have a sprinkler system?  No problem.  We can help.

Pressure Cleaning:
What good is a beautiful yard if other areas outside are dirty? We can offer pressure cleaning for the outside of your home, driveway,sidewalks and patios.


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